Height of stupidity : A Dutch teen got arrested for Tweeting a threat (joke) to American Airlines

Don’t know what to call it, stupidity or innocence or just lack of common sense.

A Dutch teen name Sarah on 13th April tweeted a threat to American airlines saying this:


In just about 6 mins,  the American Airlines replied to her tweet saying they take it seriously and FBI will be after her.


Just after receiving the reply, she came to know that she was in real trouble and replied that it was just a joke and she was not from Afghanistan n all… I just couldn’t stop laughing watching the whole thread.

Sarah and american airlines tweet thread

Teens now a days are taking this things too lightly, but this might come out as a lesson for such ppl.

I would just like to say to the teens of today’s age to spend less time on social media and have some real fun and be safe!!!