Now is the time for India to Vote!!

This is it. After 5 eventful years, it is time for the world’s largest democracy to decide it’s future. The future of India rests in your hand. Only you can decide whether our country will get rid of corruption and other issues, whether we can bridge the gap in development between India and the world, and whether India’s global image can be improved.

And that can only happen when you decide, when you lift that finger-your index finger-to vote, cause each and every vote is important and counts.

This election, Team TrippleSlash urges you to drop everything you’re doing and vote. Because our country’s future can’t wait. And we urge you to vote for the right candidate – NOTA is always there, but if there is a honest candidate in your constituency, he/she deserves your vote. And we do not endorse Congress, BJP, AAP or any other party. What you choose is your choice.

Vote wisely. Vote this time.

abki bar modi sarkaar. Time for india to vote

All said, I personally promote Narendra Modi and will vote for BJP and it will be “ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR”.