India’s latest meme fever, Norinder Mudi

Elections are on the way for the central government in India and the Hottest candidate for the next Prime Minister of India is non other than Narendra Modi, the current Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Full scale preparations are being carried out for the elections, but wait, what has the youths like us to do with all these stuff ??? Obviously we have to choose a capable candidate for the same and in the mean time ???? In meantime we can have a bit fun out of the elections. Yeah!! FUN, you heard it correctly. Sounds a bit sketchy but yeah.. fun out of elections.

You might have seen many cartoons related to the politicians in news paper and all, but now a days Norinder Mudi memes are getting viral on the internet. This kinda memes first started several months ago mostly featuring Super Heroes ex: Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

The drawings and the typical English used in these memes make them more interesting and even more funny. The facial expressions are just great.

The Slogan for the upcoming election is Voet Fur Mudi ( Vote for Modi ) and Ab Key Baar Mudi circar ( This time its Modi Government ).

You can find latest Norinder Mudi memes on the facebook page over here : Norinder Mudi Memes