Healhty sitting postures for work

In today’s world, most of office people spent their most of the office hours sitting on the chair, probably working on a desktop computer, a laptop or may be some paper work.

Most of us don’t know the proper way of sitting on a chair, the proper way of sitting on a chair which does not create aches to different body parts, improves productivity and is good for health. Most of us like to just sit on the chair bending backward, or leaning forward, etc.

A healthy sitting posture is the one in which your body joints are naturally aligned. It reduces the stress and strain on the muscles and the skeletal system of the body. Hands, wrists and forearms should be straight and parallel to the floor. Your feet are supported by the floor, not hanging on the air, knees at almost same level as your hips. Shoulders should be relaxed and back should be supported properly with some vertical support.

Following these simple things can make you more comfortable and improve your productivity. Taking a small break in almost every 30 minutes will be very helpful for the body and mind and if you can take a walk for sometime, then nothing will be more better than that.

Reading articles and understanding from it is quite a boring stuff sometimes and so, here is a really good video that demonstrate how you should be sitting while working on your desk for healthy life, which was the inspiration of writing this article, hoping it might be helpful to some of you guys. Even I never bothered about these things, but I am following it almost since last 1 week and I can definitely say that its really helpful.