Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Last Ride Part 2: Doctor Who – The Final Battle

Part 2 of 2 of the series of articles by Matt Smith on The Doctor and his Time Lord companions.

Doctor Who is the most successful TV series of all time.

We’ve got the iconic Daleks, the iconic Time Lords, the ever-present Cybermen and the most iconic and beloved Time Lord villain, the Daleks’ Master.

In this episode, Matt Smith takes us through The Doctor-First-Ever-Battle-The-Battle and looks at what it was like to watch the first episode.

The series began in 1986 with the launch of the first of the six episodes of Doctor Who, The Tenth Planet.

The first two Doctor Who episodes are: The Girl in the Fireplace and The Time Warrior.

The sixth episode was Doctor Who (2005) and it was the final one.

It was a great episode and we’ve had to watch it again and again.

It’s like watching a family reunion with everyone from the previous episode.

They all remember the day and it makes you think: ‘What a fun day.’

There are no words for how much fun it was to watch and it just makes you want to go out and get a new episode.

I always thought it was amazing that the show would end at such a sad and sad time for the characters and the world.

It has given us a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the things that are so important in the universe, but also in the Doctor Who world, and that’s been fantastic.

The show is a reflection of the human experience, and I think that’s really important for us to keep in mind when we are thinking about the future.

Matt Smith, The Doctor, Part 2, The Girl In The Fireplace, The Time Warriors, The Final Battles, The Daleks And The Time War.

The Doctor’s Time Lord companion, Clara Oswald, is the first person in the show’s history to appear as a Time Lord.

Her debut episode, The Day of the Doctor, was released on 25 March 1966.

It follows Clara and her new companions, the Doctor and Susan, who arrive in the TARDIS.

We’re back to the beginning!

The first episode of Doctor Strange is a brilliant look at the relationship between the Time Lords and the Doctor.

It sees a time-traveling Doctor Strange (Tilda Swinton) visit the future, when he is still the Sorcerer Supreme.

As the Doctor continues to investigate the strange new world he finds, his time is slipping and his powers are fading.

The Doctor has to travel back in time to save his world from a Time War and to help his friends, including the Ancient One, a time traveller from a far-future Earth.

Clara Oswald, The First Time Lord, The Fifth Doctor, The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and more.

A group of Time Lords gather on Earth to discuss the disappearance of their time-saver, who disappeared in the 1930s.

And so begins the epic struggle for the future of the universe.

Doctor Who has been a major part of the British TV landscape for the last 60 years.

We’re now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

What do you think?

What do your favourite moments in the series mean to you?

Have you seen all the episodes yet?

Leave your comments below.

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