How to prevent dehydration from eating ice cream

By Alessandra Garuzzi/Football Italia reporterIn a bid to prevent the dreaded ice cream rash, fans can buy ice cream without worrying about dehydration.

A new rule in Italy allows the sale of frozen dairy products for only 10 cents a can.

The new rule was announced by the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Carlo De Bologna, on Monday, according to Radio Della Sera.

According to a source close to the situation, the government is also considering a ban on the sale and use of ice cream with milkfat.

The rule also states that ice cream sold in pharmacies and bars must contain at least 70% milkfat, the source said.

However, this rule is expected to only be implemented on a case-by-case basis.

In February, a similar rule was put in place in Italy, which bans the sale, sale and consumption of frozen ice cream.

The new rule allows for ice cream sales to be limited to 10 cents for ice creams, 20 cents for the sale or consumption of milkfat-free ice cream, 20% for milkfat ice cream and 40% for pure milk ice cream products.

The country’s food safety agency, ASSA, is also investigating the ice cream ban.

According the Italian news agency ANSA, the ASSA is considering whether ice cream manufacturers have enough time to comply with the ban.

However the agency has not yet decided whether to lift the ban on ice cream which will be enforced in the coming days, a spokesperson for ASSA said.

Italy’s Ice Cream Industry Association says it is not concerned about the new rule as there are already measures in place to prevent ice cream outbreaks.

It’s already possible to buy ice creaks and ice cream in pharmacies, but it’s still important to keep ice cream away from children and pets, the association said in a statement on Monday.

The Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers and Distributors in Italy has also called on the Italian government to clarify the ban to prevent people from becoming confused.

“The ban is not a total ban but only a temporary measure, and we believe that it will help in reducing the spread of this disease, and also to prevent unnecessary damage to the environment,” it added.

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