Why are babies dying from COVID-19 vaccine?

Doctors at a Philadelphia hospital say a newborn baby died from a COVID vaccine, which doctors say was not properly administered.

The baby, who was given the shot at birth, had a severe case of pneumonia, and his parents had just gotten home from a trip to Europe.

He died Friday night at the hospital.

“We believe that he contracted COVID and died from it, but we don’t know yet what caused it,” Dr. David Miller, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Children’s Mercy Medical Center, said.

Miller said the baby was not breathing.

His parents have since flown to New Jersey to be treated.

“It’s a little bit sad to lose a child,” said Elizabeth Miller, her husband.

The infant, a newborn girl, had been hospitalized on Saturday after the vaccine went bad.

The infant’s parents had been at their son’s hospital in Philadelphia when they got a call from an uncle in Connecticut.

The uncle then flew to Philadelphia and was reunited with the parents.

The hospital, which was founded in 1891, has about 50 pediatric infectious diseases and respiratory diseases, including the flu, pneumonia and coronavirus, said spokeswoman Heather Coughlin.

The city has seen an average of 9,500 cases of COVID each year since the first cases of the virus were detected in March.

“The vaccine is not being properly administered,” Miller said.

The virus can kill up to 90 percent of people within three days of being exposed.

People who get the vaccine are usually immune and do not have symptoms.

Miller and others say the vaccine has been well-received by patients and doctors alike.

The state’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating.

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