WHO recommends avoiding antibiotics in flu season

A global advisory panel of experts says antibiotics are essential for preventing the spread of the flu and the coronavirus.

A report from the World Health Organization, which has been recommending antibiotics for the last few years, says a global pandemic will occur if people do not use antibiotics.

The panel said there is no evidence that flu vaccine is safe or effective.

Antibiotics are used to treat a variety of illnesses, including the flu.

In the case of the coronabirus, which is caused by the coronovirus, the WHO said the vaccine has a long term effectiveness rate of 90 per cent.

The panel also recommended avoiding the use of antibiotics for at least two weeks after the flu vaccine was administered, to reduce the chance of an infection with the coronAV virus.

“Antibiotic-resistant coronaviruses are a serious public health threat, and antibiotic resistance will only increase in the coming years, posing a real challenge to public health efforts and public health systems,” the report said.

While the recommendation is expected to be a boon for the public health, it is not without its critics.

Its not clear whether the panel would recommend using antibiotics in other countries, such as in the US.

Some experts say there are other options besides using antibiotics to prevent the spread.

Last year, a report by the CDC warned that antibiotic-resistant superbugs, or MRSA, were becoming more prevalent in many countries.

One reason why is because antibiotics are used more in developing countries and because the cost of drugs is much higher in developing nations, the report found.

Other issues include the lack of access to antibiotics for elderly people, the lack on access to diagnostic tests and the lack or lack of availability of vaccines.

Despite the challenges, some experts believe the recommendations will help to keep the world on track.

Dr. Mark Adler, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Wisconsin, told The Irish Sun that the WHO’s recommendations were good.

They will make sure people are getting the most effective antibiotics and getting the right doses, so that we don’t have a pandemic,” he said.

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