Why the NFL and the league office are backing the new treatment for shingle infection

It’s not just the NFL that is backing a new drug for shingslee infections, but also the NFL medical office and the NFLPA, who are both supporting it.

As the NFL prepares to introduce a new treatment in 2018 for shingeslee infections and other skin diseases, the medical office is backing the effort with a $300,000 grant from the NFL’s charitable arm.

The NFL is partnering with the NFLCA, the union representing NFL players, to develop the new medication.

The drug is an experimental vaccine that is designed to prevent infection by a strain of bacteria called Shingles.

The new vaccine is the first of its kind to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

It is the latest step in the NFLP’s effort to develop a vaccine for shieslee infections.

The organization has already launched the vaccine campaign for a number of other conditions, including pneumonia and heart failure.

It was not immediately clear whether the NFL was also providing support for the vaccine.

The new treatment has been developed as part of the NFL-NFLPA Health Initiative, a $1 billion initiative aimed at improving the quality of life for athletes, coaches and executives.

The initiative includes a variety of initiatives, including the creation of the National Football Foundation’s National Health Institute to accelerate research in the area of prevention and health care for NFL players.

The program is also part of a larger initiative that will provide financial support to the league to develop vaccines for diseases such as influenza and malaria, according to the NFL.

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