Why the Rockville internal medical center is the right fit for my family

The Rockville Health System is looking to hire two new doctors and an orthopedist, a move that could benefit the region’s hospitals.

Rockville-area hospitals are looking to expand their practice, which can mean a shift in medicine, as well as a boost in patient care.

The Rockville-based hospital system announced plans to hire an orthodontist and a neurologist, which could mean a change in orthopedic practice.

The hospital system said it will expand its practice from the existing 30 physicians to 30 orthodists and 30 neurologists.

It will also add a family medicine specialist to help patients with chronic conditions.

The news comes after Rockville’s hospital system posted a strong quarterly profit for the fourth quarter.

It earned $7.2 million, a 6 percent increase from a year earlier.

Rockwood Health System’s stock closed Friday at $3.90 a share, down $4.00 from the close of the regular trading session.

The stock is down about 3 percent from the previous day’s closing price of $4,547.60.

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