Why I’m leaving my home and moving to a new home

A woman in Australia is moving out of her home in an apartment and into a new one, after her doctors told her it was unsafe to stay there for her baby cough.

A new home was promised to the mother, who is not her real name, but her family has not been able to keep her there.

The woman, who did not want to give her full name, says she is concerned about the risk of her baby developing a rare condition that can cause pneumonia, which is the most serious form of pneumonia.

“My daughter is now on a ventilator and has had a ventricular assist device, which allows the heart to pump through the blood vessels,” she said.

“[I was] worried about the baby being able to survive and it was not safe.”

The baby cough medication, which was not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), was given to her by a healthcare professional who had worked for the Australian Pharmaceuticals and Medical Association (APMA), which is a trade association for the pharmaceutical industry.

However, after the woman was given the medication, her family’s medical records showed she had been given a prescription from the same doctor, which did not require the approval of the TGA.

“It was a mix of things,” the woman said.

“We had been getting this medicine from a pharmacy in the US and we thought it was safe.”

She was told by her doctor that the drug should be given to babies who were born with a severe case of respiratory illness and had to be cared for at home.

She told ABC Radio Canberra she felt a sense of hopelessness and said the medicine was not prescribed properly.

Her mother says she has no intention of leaving her home, and she is worried about her daughter’s health.


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