‘Basketball player who took part in a controversial online video is now battling depression and taking medication’

A young basketball player who made a controversial video of himself dancing around with his head wrapped in a scarf has now come under fire for his actions.

The 22-year-old player was seen in the video posing in front of a backdrop of the US flag and holding a scarf in one hand.

“It was the first time I actually had a real experience like this,” said the young player in the clip, whose real name is Anthony Bell.

“I had never been in the hood, so this was a little scary, but the more I was in the room, the more comfortable it felt, and the more people were in the street, it was like, Oh yeah, this is cool.”‘

The whole world is watching’The video was taken on November 1st, the same day the NBA Finals began in New York.

The young player was filming his friends and teammates, many of whom are wearing their jersey sleeves rolled up, when he accidentally went over to the flag, and began to dance.

“We got into the street,” he said.

“We were all like, ‘Oh, my god, this just happened.'”

“I was thinking that this is the only time I’ll ever do it, but I just thought, ‘It’s OK, this isn’t too big of a deal’,” he said, before getting back into his car.

“Then I started to dance, and I was just like, This is cool, this will never happen again.”

The young basketballer was caught on video by an internet user, and was subsequently banned from the basketball court.

He is now in hospital in Florida and has been prescribed medication to help him deal with his anxiety, depression and self-harm.

His team-mates are now taking to social media to share their support for him, with one even posting a photo of the young athlete in his hospital gown, smiling.

“He is a young man who is trying to deal with the challenges of the NBA, and to have a positive outcome, he has his teammates with him,” said team captain Justin Jackson.

“His teammates are all there to support him.

They know how much he is fighting for this.”

Hopefully this video will help him understand why he did it.

“He was one of two players who made the viral video, which prompted calls for the NBA to ban players from the streets.”

There’s a lot of negative attention that’s being thrown at this young man,” said Dr Robert Zuiker, who treated the young man.”

But it’s actually a very good thing that people are talking about this.

“He has a good team, he’s not a bad guy.

It’s the whole world watching.”‘

We’re just human’In a statement, the NBA said it “strongly supports the players’ right to free expression, and said it would review the situation “as appropriate”.”

As the NBA community continues to grapple with the impact of mental illness, the league will continue to monitor the conduct of our players and teams to ensure our players’ mental health is not compromised,” the statement said.”

The league will work closely with our players to understand their actions, and if warranted, will take appropriate action.

“In the meantime, we will continue our efforts to build trust, respect and a positive relationship between all our players, fans and partners.”

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