Why women aren’t getting access to the FDA’s emergency contraception

An emergency contraceptive called Nexplanon, which prevents pregnancy, has been found to be safe for women, according to a new report.

The new study found the drug was effective and safe in preventing ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy that is too small to implant in the uterus, according a statement from the FDA.

The drug was approved in 2013.

The agency said it will be conducting an internal review of the Nexplanons safety and efficacy.

The FDA said the study included more than 2,000 women, including 3,200 who received Nexplanont and 2,400 who did not.

The Nexplanonic drugs were taken by patients with severe chronic conditions who were treated in emergency rooms.

The drugs were also available to patients with no health problems, but there are no guidelines for which patients should receive the drugs.

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