404 error caused due to certain form element names in WordPress

One day I decided to help people out on Stackverflow with what little knowledge I had. I came across question where a user was facing a 404 ERROR when submitting a form on the page. The user was redirected to the same page when the form submitted but with 404 ERROR while that was not the case if the user visited that page directly.

Did some debugging and found that he had a value as “name” for the “name” attribute of the field which was causing the issue. It seems that WordPress uses some of these variables in its query, so submitting a form that has a field with the same name throws off the query and causes a 404 ERROR. So far I’ve found reports of these words being reserved.

  • name
  • date
  • year
  • month
  • day
  • hour
  • minute

So, try not to use these words as the value for the “name” for any form fields in your WordPress site.




The Big Boss of Power Banks is finally up for Pre Order in India – Xiaomi MI Power Bank

The long awaited Xiaomi MI Power Banks are finally up for pre order on Flipkart.com, the exclusive seller for Xiaomi products.

You can Pre Order the MI 5200 mAh Power Bank at price of just Rs 799 over HERE.

If you still want a larger capacity power bank, here is the Big Boss of Power Banks : MI 10400 mAh Power Bank which is available for pre-booking at price of Rs 999 over HERE.

Yeah, you heard it right. Double the capacity for Rs 200 extra. The estimated time of release if expected to be 5th week of august as mention on the Flipkart’s site.

Anyone can miss-judge the device as a Cheap Chinese Product just by looking at the price of the product when compared to the features/quality it provides. But the reality is just something awesome, just as the case with XIAOMI MI3 which is just Super Awesome same as the Power Banks.

The Good about these MI Power Bank :

  1. High Capacity ( 5200 & 10400 mAh )
  2. Great Design, looks good, feels good. Comes with aluminum casing.
  3. 2.1A output; 2A input
  4. Quality Components: Battery components by LG/Samsung. Charge and Power management chip by Texas Instruments.
  5. The Best one : Super Affordable.

The Bad( Not So ) about these MI Power Bank

  1. Charges only 1 device at a time, which is not that because generally wont be needing to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  2. Doesn’t come with a power adapter. Comes with a good flat micro USB cable for charging.

Still can’t believe the awesomeness of the product? Then you should surely checkout the in-depth review and tear down of the MI 10400 mAh Power Bank which was carried out by the guys at hardwarezone.com over HERE

For those who need help while buying a Power Bank, HERE is a good article regarding the 5 points to keep in mind while buying a Power Bank.

Was lucky to get the XIAOMI MI3 on the first round of sale which was exactly a month ago and eagerly waiting to get my hands on the MI 10400 mAh Power Bank.