Now is the time for India to Vote!!

This is it. After 5 eventful years, it is time for the world’s largest democracy to decide it’s future. The future of India rests in your hand. Only you can decide whether our country will get rid of corruption and other issues, whether we can bridge the gap in development between India and the world, and whether India’s global image can be improved.

And that can only happen when you decide, when you lift that finger-your index finger-to vote, cause each and every vote is important and counts.

This election, Team TrippleSlash urges you to drop everything you’re doing and vote. Because our country’s future can’t wait. And we urge you to vote for the right candidate – NOTA is always there, but if there is a honest candidate in your constituency, he/she deserves your vote. And we do not endorse Congress, BJP, AAP or any other party. What you choose is your choice.

Vote wisely. Vote this time.

abki bar modi sarkaar. Time for india to vote

All said, I personally promote Narendra Modi and will vote for BJP and it will be “ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR”.

Height of stupidity : A Dutch teen got arrested for Tweeting a threat (joke) to American Airlines

Don’t know what to call it, stupidity or innocence or just lack of common sense.

A Dutch teen name Sarah on 13th April tweeted a threat to American airlines saying this:


In just about 6 mins,  the American Airlines replied to her tweet saying they take it seriously and FBI will be after her.


Just after receiving the reply, she came to know that she was in real trouble and replied that it was just a joke and she was not from Afghanistan n all… I just couldn’t stop laughing watching the whole thread.

Sarah and american airlines tweet thread

Teens now a days are taking this things too lightly, but this might come out as a lesson for such ppl.

I would just like to say to the teens of today’s age to spend less time on social media and have some real fun and be safe!!!

Enable – Disable javascript in Mozilla Firefox version 23+

You might be wondering that where the hell did the “disable javascript” option go from the Firefox Option window. The thing is that, now a days, software vendors are trying to make simplify their products and making them robust by protecting users form accidentally damaging the piece of software, in this case Mozilla Firefox. Following this trend, the disable JavaScript option was removed from the Firefox Options since the version 23.

But there is nothing for you to worry about, because the disable javascript option is not completely removed from Firefox, just the way to reach option is changed. There are still 2  ways to reach that setting, i.e

1. about:config

  1. Open firefox and type “about:config” ( without quotes ) and press Enter.
  2. You will see a notice “This might void your warranty!”. Click “I’ll be careful, I promise”.
  3. Search for “javascript.enabled” ( without quotes ) in the search bar at top of the page.
  4. Double click the result name “javascript.enabled” or Right click it and select “Toggle”.
  5. Hurrey!!!! Javascript is now disabled on your browser.

If you want to Re-enable javascript, repeat these steps.

2. Add-ons

There are few add-ons also available for Firefox which you can use as an alternative to the manual method ( about:config ).

  1. No-Script ( A plugin to disable JavaScript on a per page basis, as required.)
  2. QuickJava ( A plugin to easily disable and enable JavaScript.)

Retain HTML font-size when changing orientation in iPhone

Unlike other devices, IOS devices has a tendency to manipulate different things on the browser based on the different situations and interactions.

One of such thing is that it changes the font size of the webpage when the orientation of the device changes, obviously for a better cause i.e enhancing the readability of the content. But sometimes the change in the font size on changing orientation of device catches the eye and may not look good or you just want to keep the font size uniform for the Portrait and the Landscape view.

You can add this property in you CSS file to disable the auto resizing of fonts in iPhone.

body {-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;}

You can put this code in Media Queries like this to prevent it from disabling the font resize in desktop browser.

@media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 480px) {
body {-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;}

Healhty sitting postures for work

In today’s world, most of office people spent their most of the office hours sitting on the chair, probably working on a desktop computer, a laptop or may be some paper work.

Most of us don’t know the proper way of sitting on a chair, the proper way of sitting on a chair which does not create aches to different body parts, improves productivity and is good for health. Most of us like to just sit on the chair bending backward, or leaning forward, etc.

A healthy sitting posture is the one in which your body joints are naturally aligned. It reduces the stress and strain on the muscles and the skeletal system of the body. Hands, wrists and forearms should be straight and parallel to the floor. Your feet are supported by the floor, not hanging on the air, knees at almost same level as your hips. Shoulders should be relaxed and back should be supported properly with some vertical support.

Following these simple things can make you more comfortable and improve your productivity. Taking a small break in almost every 30 minutes will be very helpful for the body and mind and if you can take a walk for sometime, then nothing will be more better than that.

Reading articles and understanding from it is quite a boring stuff sometimes and so, here is a really good video that demonstrate how you should be sitting while working on your desk for healthy life, which was the inspiration of writing this article, hoping it might be helpful to some of you guys. Even I never bothered about these things, but I am following it almost since last 1 week and I can definitely say that its really helpful.

Abki baar, Modi sarkar

  1. Delhi me ho rahe hae Balatkaar, Abki baar Modi Sarkar
  2. karenge puncture hum kejru ki wagonR, abki baar modi sarkar
  3. chai ke saath ab biscuit honge chaar, abki baar modi sarkar
  4. Do you wanna know how i got this scar? Abki baar Modi sarkar
  5. Sahenge ab na atyaachar, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar
  6. Ek Do Teen Char, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar
  7. Pure Din ke vodka char, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar
  8. aj jaane de jaldi yaar, Abki baar modi sarkar
  9. Humse koi nahi karta pyaar, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar
  10. Koi Dilado girlfriend mere yaar, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar
  11. I dont know who the hell you are, ab ki baar Modi Sarkar
  12. roj issue solve karenge chaar, Ab ki baar modi sarkar
  13. Voldemaut ne lagaya harry potter k mathe pe scar, Ab ki baar modi sarkaar
  14. Methi ke parathe aur aachar, abki baar modi sarkar
  15. Teri akhiyon ka waar jaese sher ka shikar, abki baar modi sarkar
  16. Bandh ho gaye dance bar, abki baar modi sarkar
  17. Poonam Pandey hui nude hone ko taiyar, abki baar modi sarkar
  18. Bhrashtachar pe karenge hum sahi waar, abki baar modi sarkar
  19. Mahilaon k sath karo sahi vyawhaar, abki baar modi sarkar
  20. karo na tum kisi pe atyaachar, abki baar modi sarkar
  21. twinkle twinkle little star, abki baar modi sarkar
  22. haule haule ho jaega pyaar, abki baar modi sarkar

India’s latest meme fever, Norinder Mudi

Elections are on the way for the central government in India and the Hottest candidate for the next Prime Minister of India is non other than Narendra Modi, the current Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Full scale preparations are being carried out for the elections, but wait, what has the youths like us to do with all these stuff ??? Obviously we have to choose a capable candidate for the same and in the mean time ???? In meantime we can have a bit fun out of the elections. Yeah!! FUN, you heard it correctly. Sounds a bit sketchy but yeah.. fun out of elections.

You might have seen many cartoons related to the politicians in news paper and all, but now a days Norinder Mudi memes are getting viral on the internet. This kinda memes first started several months ago mostly featuring Super Heroes ex: Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

The drawings and the typical English used in these memes make them more interesting and even more funny. The facial expressions are just great.

The Slogan for the upcoming election is Voet Fur Mudi ( Vote for Modi ) and Ab Key Baar Mudi circar ( This time its Modi Government ).

You can find latest Norinder Mudi memes on the facebook page over here : Norinder Mudi Memes